Happy Customers Leads to Increased Business Sales

AppOnLease is very well aware of the fact a happy customer plays an integral role towards the restaurant business development. Our restaurant application structure lays a proper User panel for your restaurant apps, thus providing an online reach for your restaurant to your customers.

Your Own Restaurant App’s Customers Panel



The User is allowed to choose from the wide display menu of the restaurant. He/she can select as many dishes as the User desires from the offered menu to please the hunger. The User can view food image, selected food item’s price and name among the various categories over this panel.


In case the customer wants to add few dishes to his/her favorites, then the User can avail this facility over our panel. We let the consumer do so by clicking on to the Favorite icon. This also lets him/her re-order the favorite food item on the go.

Add to favourite AppOnLease
order-preview apponlease


Customer or User is allowed to have a preview of his/her order before taking the final call. This lets the User add or reduce the selected dishes. In this way, he/she can re-arrange the order as per the current mood.


Customers stick to your restaurant only if you pay rewards for their loyalty. There is an option of promo codes (if the customer has any) before making the final order over app. One can apply his/her offer code over here.


After getting order acceptance from the Admin’s end, User is granted with the view over his/her order status. Right from the order placed to the completion of an order, the customer gets a step-by-step notification about each process.



We have two order type options over our panel: Take Away and Home Delivery. The user is allowed to choose among them for their order processing. However, the verification of OTP will be required for availing any of the options.


For availing all the services of the restaurant, User is required to provide a proper mobile number to the restaurant app. Then an OTP will be sent your phone, that is used to verify your real identity.


The User can make the payment in two ways, that is either through PayTM or on COD (Cash On Delivery). This provides User with the feasibility of making the payment for his/her order in any way he/she wants


Account Set Up AppOnLease


Account Set Up AppOnLease

The Process On Your Resturant App

The follow-up of an arranged process can get everything appears in a sorted out manner. The user is only required to follow a step-by-step process to gain benefits of the designed restaurant application without any interruption.

  • Step 1: Login to the User panel with your Username and Password.
  • Step 2: Make your selection from the various food categories available.
  • Step 3: Preview your order before making the payment.
  • Step 4: Apply your promo code, if you have any, before making the final order.
  • Step 5: Select your order type.
  • Step 6: The ‘Take Away’ and ‘Home Delivery’ options provide you with an OTP feature for a smooth delivery.
  • Step 7: Fill the required details that appear after choosing ‘Home Delivery’ option.
  • Step 8: Make the payment & get your order status.

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