Why Your Restaurant Needs A Mobile App: A Glance

A Restaurant is a greedy word that is enough to make your tongue demand more and more. Ohh no, wait…wait…now do not let your mind wander in the thoughts of having a delicious food.

I understand that when it comes to food, it’s really hard to divert your tongue…oops your mind from wooing over the thoughts of gulping tasty and mouth-watering dishes down your throat. But, but, but…what about having this delicious platter with just a tap over your smartphones? I am sure it is hard to say a NO to this facility!

An online food ordering system not only simplifies the customer’s dining experience, but also acts as a powerful tool for bolstering your business. Supplying your customers with the facility to place their food order online, providing them with your newly updated food menu at just a tap away and making them avail their happy meal box right at their doorstep is what the restauranteurs require to provide a kick start to their existing or start-up business.

Don’t believe me? Well, then have a look at the stats shared by SlideShare, which provides a strong base to the above-mentioned statements:

restaurant apps for iPhone android

Source: slideshare.com

The stats clearly show that the traffic to restaurant sites has increased by 40-47% in the last 5 years. This further calls for owning a mobile application for your own restaurant.

There are thousands of restaurants available offline which satisfies ‘n’ number of craving stomachs with an endless array of zesty meals. However, the dressing of providing such tasty meals at the customer’s fingertips is what makes your restaurant business stand out among the crowd of competitors.

What are Customers Hungry For?

As per the latest marketing trends, being online serves as a dominant factor for your business as it helps in attracting and gaining more and more audience within your business reach. It is because that there is hardly any clan of the human left who leave their smartphones even for a minute. One is only required to hit their customers with the hot platter (here platter refers to online restaurant application) at the right time of craving. The development of a mobile application once, keeps your competitors at bay.

Food Delivery

Source: ebay.com

Try it out folks!

Mobile Application For Your Restaurant…Really!

There are many ways in which a mobile application can benefit a business. To make it sound simple, let me cut it short. There are many a times when people don’t feel like cooking food at their homes. At this point of time, they search for some goodies available at home or head towards a nice place to please their hungry stomach. Here’s where you require a mobile application for your restaurant so that you can serve your customers with the comfort of hot dishes right before them at their doorstep.

Restaurant mobile app

Source: www.mobilmindz.com

This process can further provide an online outlet for your consumers, thus growing your marketing channels. It also calls for a customer retention, the ability to book more and more reservations and much more. In short, mobile applications offer a ton of awesome features to boost your business in a cost effective manner.

Seal your Decision with Benefits

Benefits of restaurant mobile app

Source: reserveorderpay.files.wordpress.com

As per the above mentioned points, it’s quite clear that the idea of having a mobile application for your restaurant is an ongoing trend…but the real question arises is that ‘Is it actually worth the investment?’

Wait, I am not gonna load you with this burden. Let me take it off from your over loaded shoulders. I have few strong reasons to help you do the math before taking your final call on building your own mobile application for your restaurant. So, here we go…

Reach your Audience On The Go

Mobile can be termed as a whole new channel used to engage with your customers and clients in a most effective manner. Most of us rely on our smartphones for getting information fast via accessing the Internet.

restaurant app

Source: pinterest.com

Restaurant Mobile Applications work in a similar manner as it helps in lending a helping hand in accessing to your near by best restaurants for ordering a home delivery. This benefit is not only limited to home delivery, but it also covers other offers that get covered under this criteria. It basically deals in widening your reach among your consumers.

Better POS (Point Of Service) Management

Service management is a big concern for maintaining the good reputation of a restaurant. Allocating equal time between training the appointed resources, orders and billing is not an easy task.

POS restaurant management

Source: financesonline.com

Having a proper and manageable Restaurant Mobile Application helps in sorting out this issue. This digital interface eliminates the time wasted in taking orders and checking its availability manually. With the development of your own mobile application, you are only required to wait for a pop-up notification for the order placed. Added to this, everything can be managed with a click of your cursor from your end. Isn’t that simple and tension free?

Invite More Table Bookings

One of the important basis for calculating the restaurant popularity is the total number of customers served each day. So, does your restaurant popularity falls under the popular criteria? If doubtful, then it’s high time to rethink about the marketing strategies applied to your business!

restaurant table booking

Source: ristaapps.com

Restaurant Mobile Applications invites easy bookings on the go of a tap. As per the boring ongoing process, the customer has to face an on-call inquiry about the availability of a table in a restaurant. It also makes the restaurant owners ensure the availability of at least one person as phone assistant from their end. Sounds so tedious! However, with the development of a mobile app, one does not have to wait for a booking as a screen showing the availability of tables available will already be featured in your app.

Access to Mobile Friendly Menu

Gone are the days when restaurant owners used to rely on the marketing through brochures, pamphlets, price lists, and catalogs. The modern era calls for the use of digital services which offers feasible marketing solutions with just a click.


Source: pinterest.com

Using QR codes is the new trend followed for making your restaurant marketing sound more interactive, convenient and embossing. The development of your own mobile application makes you offer your well-managed menu available just a click away. This further leads to a better user experience wrapped up under the benefit of a wide customer reach. The customer does not have to rely on the brochures or pamphlets for ordering food from your outlet, rather he/she can just visit your mobile application and can easily view as well as order his/her favorite dish directly from there.

A Big Yes to Special Offers and Deals

Suppose your restaurant is putting a 30% discount on a minimum bill of $30. You have developed posters, brochures, and pamphlets stating the same, but will this actually work? It may, but only to some extent! Your regular customers or the ones who have genuinely gone through your pamphlets and brochures will only be the known ones about this offer. The rest will be simply unaware of the whole affair…

This will actually reach nowhere, but a mobile application can definitely widen your reach for the same!

With the development of a mobile application, you can send out push notifications over your application, thus keeping your consumers updated about the latest services offered at your restaurant. Promotion of special seasonal offers, information about the new and updated menu or any other supplemental service can be easily put forward to your consumers through the mobile app.

Also, there is a facility to schedule push notifications according to the time and area which further makes the user receive updates even when he/she is not using the application.

Develop a Significant Sales Channel For Your Business

After building on to his/her business empire, a businessman often looks for ways to provide a marketing platform to expand its business reach among the customers. This process not only adds a star of popularity to the shoulders of the restaurant business, but it also works towards paving a way to the increase in cash inflow.


Source: pymnts.com

Providing bunch of services to your customers makes them stick to you most of the times. Once they get to know that they can order food from your application, then they will actually do this more often, thus leading to the increase in your sales. Mobile Application Development precisely leads to the development of an organized, wide and effective sales channel.

Leads To Loyal Customers

Treat your customers like royalty and they will offer loyalty in return. Creating an online mobile app for restaurants lets the restaurant owners offer loyalty in many ways. Treating each of the customers with required services, one can actually gain word-of-mouth marketing out of their loyal customers.


Source: themocracy.com

Rewarding loyal customers with special discounts, offers, loyalty points and other nice perks make them stick to you, thus leading a rise in your income and marketing. The follow-up of such things signifies your indulgence in being customer friendly. These offers can be conveyed easily to your customers through a push notification in the mobile app downloaded by your loyal customers.

Social Sharing

One of the best thing about integrating a mobile application for your restaurant business is about many happy genuine reviews on your social media platforms. Your social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat and much more serve as your online profiles for displaying your restaurant’s worth.

Getting Straight To The Point

Offering social platforms to your customers lets them post their happy and satisfying reviews over there, thus leading to your restaurant’s online popularity and marketing. One can go through the listed reviews over these platforms before booking a table. Also, they can post their reviews over the same after experiencing the services.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are many other benefits of having your own restaurant mobile application. But, that’s quite shocking that despite having a long list of benefits of having a mobile application for your restaurant, 95% of restaurant owners still don’t have their own mobile application!

However, as per the data mentioned in a blog posted by https://www.srishtis.com, 50% of service restaurants are planning to invest more and more resources in customer facing technologies including smartphone and tablet apps for their restaurants. This is like moving towards a brighter and enlightened path of growing your business.


Source: www.srishtis.com

If you are still not convinced with this trend, then refer to the above-mentioned infographic for turning your sideways nod in an up and down direction. Our today’s day-to-day lives are smartphone centric, hence it becomes crucial and important to adapt ourselves to the modern needs in order to maintain our existence in the current scenario.

To sum up the whole post, I would only like to say that there are various benefits of building on your own restaurant mobile application, but the major one is fighting for your existence in this competitive world. There are many other restaurants which may not be having a good menu as ours, but they are still popular among consumers because of their easy reach. Apart from pleasing their taste buds, nowadays customers also crave for pleasing their need of convenience and added services offered.

So, in case you are out of this league, then gear up my friend! It’s high time to make yourself stand out among the competitive crowd and gain as many loyal customers as you can in your defined reach!

Wait, are you still reading this further? I have done the deed from my end and now, it’s your time to buck up, clear your competition, make the appropriate way for your business growth, raise your level among the consumers and achieve the heights of success on your own terms!

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