AOL Controller App

AppOnLease Mobile Application is based on the foundation stone of Controller Application. This system grants the complete application access to the registered Admin.


From Menu Management to the Admin Profile Settings, Controller App ensures the smooth functioning of the designed mobile application at the back-end panel.

Manage Your Restaurant On The Move


Login Screen

This Screen appears just after the click on the mobile app. You are required to enter Username and password on this screen to get access to the app’s features. You can also choose the ‘Remember Me’ option for easy login.

Home Screen

This screen includes the following information:

  • Number Of New Orders
  • Number Of Orders In Process
  • Today’s Revenue
  • Today’s Total Orders
  • Column Chart based on Date & Revenue
  • Growth Compared to Last Month


NOTE: Here, Green Color symbolizes Profit & Red means Loss.


New Order Screen

This Screen displays a List View including the following:

  • Customer Name
  • Order Id
  • Customer’s Mobile Number
  • Time of logging in


“Accept” and “Decline” Buttons to Approve or Reject the Order

Order Details Screen

This Screen appears when user tap on the Order Id and involves following details:

  • Price Details of the Ordered Items
  • Complete Details about the Orders
  • Discounted Amount with Taxes and Charges
  • User Name and Mobile Number
  • Admin is also authorized to Accept or Decline the Order

Order Decline Screen

This Screen displays a pop-up asking for the Order Declining Status.

Active Order Screen

This screen displays the following details:

  • Complete Status of the Orders (In process, Ready or Delivered)
  • Order Id & Customer’s Name
  • Logged in Time & Customer’s Mobile Number
Active Order Screen

Active Order Detail Screen

The Details of Active Order gets displayed here including Total Amount with other add-on Service Charges. It also displays the status of the order placed.

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