Organized Management Leads to Better Business!

AppOnLease believes in the development of a professional and powerful online restaurant application. Our structure lays a proper administrative format for your restaurant apps, thus enabling you to manage your restaurant on your own terms.

Create Your Own Restaurant App The Way You Want It


We provide access to review and modify your restaurant menu as per the food availability. Food categories are displayed with tempting food photographs and a categorized food menu over our panel. Doing things the client’s way is our priority. Our creativity is an addition to this.


The admin is provided the access to provide order notifications to their customers. In this way, they are able to offer instant information about their pending and delivered orders to their loyal customers.


Acceptance and rejection of a certain order can be managed well by Admin over this panel. He/she is authorized to accept or reject any order request from the customer’s end after checking on to its availability in their restaurant.


We all want to offer something new or the other to our customers. Here, you can get an easy access to your own created Menu so as to make changes to it in the future. Admin can put his/her new editions or can even remove the existing ones.


Admin is allowed to keep a keen eye on his/her business growth. Analytics related to total revenue, today’s revenue, last 7 days sale, number of new Users and number of monthly Users are displayed well over our Admin panel.


Admin holds the right to view his/her order history to go through the sale of the day. He/she is also given the access to view invoice for each of the order placed by the customer, thus providing him/her clear display of the total sale.


This is the first and foremost step for making your first move. We offer an easy and hassle-free login and logout procedure for a better Admin management. He/she can also make required changes to the already created profile.

The Process To Do It Smartly

There is a proper process for everything and same goes with our restaurant application criteria. You are only required to follow the step-by-step process to ensure the smooth working of the designed application.

  • Get your restaurant application designed on our platform.

  • Login to the administrative panel with the assigned Username and Password.

  • Set up your Restaurant Menu.

  • Make changes within the panel if required.

  • Enjoy the uninterrupted services.

(NOTE: You can create your own password for your own panel.)

Managing Your Restaurant From Admin Dashboard



This screen is the starting step towards the desktop version of AppOnLease app. It offers a pop-up asking for the registered username and password for the login process.


This panel also provides access to the Remember Me and forgot Password options.


This is the main screen and displays following options:


  • Analytics
  • Gallery
  • Menu
  • Deals
  • Side Menu
  • New Orders
  • In Process Order
  • Last 7 Days Sale
  • Last 7 Days Orders
  • Last 7 Days Revenue
AOL- dashboard

Recent Orders

This Screen provides complete access to the Admin in aspect of recent orders received from consumer’s end:


  • Can view the complete details of any order i.e Order Id, Name of the Customer and Phone Number of the Customer.
  • Can view the Order Time.
  • Can Accept or Decline the order.
  • Can view the Status of the Order i.e Pending, Ready or Delivered.
  • One has to provide reason for the decline.
  • One can also search for the specific order through filter date option.
  • Can view the Payment Mode of customer.

Menu Screen

This screen displays the Menu options for your restaurant and contains following options:

  • Main Menu and Add/Delete the Menu
  • Food Items and their Price
  • Can Add Categories as well as their Description with Image Management
  • Can set Priority for Categories
  • Can Edit or Delete the Food Items
  • Can put the Food Items into Selected Categories
  • Can set the Prices for Food Items with Taxes (GST)
home-menu screen AppOnLease

Menu Editing (Category Editing Screen)

This Screen lets you Edit your Food Category at any point of time. You only need to choose an image file for your cuisine and then just click on the submit option.

Menu Editing (Food Item Editing Screen)

This Screen makes you edit your Food Item easily with following options:


  • Name
  • Amount
  • Item Image Uploading
  • Description
  • Category Selection
  • Status
  • Choosing on to the Applicable Taxes

Fill the required details and click on Save item option.


Deals Screen

This screen displays the deals that Users can avail and it has following details:


  • Can Add Deal with or without Coupon
  • In case of without Coupon, there will be a flat deal of few % off for a day or next 15 days
  • In case of with Coupon, the User puts a code for the deal
  • Can Active or Inactive the deal and can make changes to the date in case of increasing the Offer
  • Can search the Deal with Name or Description
  • Can Edit/Delete the Deal
  • Can view the complete Details about the deal such as the Name,
  • Description, Discount Percentage, Coupon Code, Start Date and End Date


This screen offers complete information about the orders including:


  • Order ID
  • Date
  • Bill To Name
  • Contact Number
  • Status
  • Total Amount
  • Payment Mode
  • Action, where you can view your Invoice

Order Decline Screen

This Screen makes you go through the Declined Orders as per the specific dates. You only need to enter the Start Date or End Date to make your search specified.

Order Filter Screen

This Screen makes you go through the Orders as per the specific dates. You only need to enter the Start Date or End Date to make your search specified.

Gallery Screen

This Screen helps in managing your restaurant gallery section:


  • Home Page Content & Images Management
  • Admin can do image management over here

Change Password Screen

One can change or reset the Password on this screen. You are only required to enter your existing email ID and you can easily change and save your new Password.

Contact Us Screen

This Screen helps in establishing a Contact Us Profile for your business. It includes:


  • Address
  • Location Name
  • Email
  • Web URL
  • Multiple Phone Numbers

You only need to Submit all the above listed information at the end.

Profile Screen

You can set your Profile over this Screen. You just need to fill and update the following details:


  • Name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Phone

Customers Screen

This Screen provides you with Complete Details about the Customer:


  • Customer ID
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Action stating the User’s Order History
  • Search option is also there to search any Customer through any Option

Users History Screen

This Screen displays complete User Details with following details:


  • Name
  • Address
  • Street
  • City
  • Zip
  • Email Address
  • Phone
  • Date of Registration
  • Last Order Date
  • Revenue
  • Orders

Invoice Screen

This Screen makes you get the proper receipt for your placed order stating the complete details of your order.


The Print option for this receipt is also available.

Extension to Deals Screen

Here one can Add a Deal With or Without Coupon.

Extension to Deals Screen (With Coupon)

This Screen appears when you Choose Add Deals with Coupon and has following options:


  • Deals Name
  • Category Selection
  • Discount Percentage
  • Description
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Coupon Code
  • You can Submit or Cancel at the end
  • You can also Search for Deals over the Search option

Extension to Deals Screen (Without Coupon)

This Screen appears when you Choose Add Deals without Coupon and has following options:


  • Deals Name
  • Category Selection
  • Discount Percentage
  • Description
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • You can Submit or Cancel at the end
  • You can also Search for Deals over the Search option


This Screen makes you analyze your Business’ growth through a display of:


  • Order/Revenue Chart
  • Last 7 Days Sale in terms of Revenue Chart
  • Number of Monthly Users Chart
  • Revenue Compared to Last Month
  • Orders Compared to Last Month
  • Number of New Customers
  • App Downloads in Numbers
  • Total Revenue Earned
  • Today’s Revenue

Feedback Screen

This Screen displays the Feedbacks that you get from the Customers.

Setting Screen

This Screen allows you to make the required setting changes to your Panel including Tax.

Support Screen

We are always there to help you out with the help of this Screen. You just need to fill and submit the following details:


  • Email
  • Phone
  • Query

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