A Clear Analysis Leads to Required Business Growth

With just providing you with a Restaurant Application platform does not solve the whole purpose of AppOnLease. We believe in providing a proper growth to your business. In order to take a positive approach towards this idea, we have developed an Analytics section over our restaurant application module. This format offers a clear analytical view of New Customers, Total number of Users who downloaded the application, Total Revenue earned, Last 7 days Sale, Number of Monthly Users and Invoice of each Order.


Admin can also filter the data based on start date and end date over this.

Why Apponlease?

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Analyze Your Business Growth

Analysis Dashboard

Analysis Dashboard

This screen appears the moment one login with his/her Admin ID. It provides a clear picture about your new orders, in process orders, last 7 day’s orders and last 7 day’s revenue.


This analysis lets you keep a close eye on your business growth, thus enabling you to make any required changes as a positive approach to your business.

Revenue Analysis

This screen provides a clear picture of your total revenue earned. Here, you can view your total revenue earned in comparison to the total orders placed. One can view his/her total revenue for the week as well as for the month over here.


Also, the Admin can compare his/her revenue earned to the total orders placed on a monthly basis.

Customer Information

Customer Information

This screen provides complete information of your each and every customer registered over your panel. A view to their Customer ID, Name, Email, Order History and Phone number can be accessed over here. Addition of any new customer can also be viewed over here.


An easy filter on the customer’s email ID can be applied over here to search for a specific customer.

Order Information

This screen provides a detailed analysis for each order placed. Admin can view complete order details over here, can search for a specific order by mobile number, can view each and every invoice details, can view the status for each order placed and can also approve or reject orders as per the availability.
Order Information
Order Status

Order Status

This screen provides access to order status. Here, the Admin can manage a proper status for each and every order placed by the customer. Providing details about order acceptance, its further processing, and its delivery can be managed here.


This panel is although managed by Admin, but it is completely beneficial for the consumer.

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